Welcome to Long Buckby Community Orchard!

We are very excited about the creation of Long Buckby’s Community Orchard at Cotton End Park. The orchard was planted by the community on 9 March 2013, and was made possible with financial help from the Big Tree Plant, and sponsorship from the community. Over 80 sponsors, friends and volunteers planted 72 trees, consisting of 19 varieties of heritage fruit trees from Northamptonshire and adjacent counties: different types of apples, plums, pears and cherries. In March 2014 we planted a further sixteen heritage fruit trees, creating an avenue of Red Sentinel Crab Apple trees and common Crab Apple trees. We also planted a mulberry, a quince and a medlar, and replaced the two Black Worcester Pear trees that had not survived. The mixture of trees in the first field, combined with the avenue, should provide a stunning welcome to Cotton End Park.

This is the end of the planting of new heritage fruit trees under the Big Tree Plant scheme, which has provided the funding for the trees. However, the long-term care of the community orchard has only just begun, and we hope that sponsors and other volunteers will continue to be actively involved.